Truro Open

Saturday 15th June 2019


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NCD Club Championships

30th June 2019


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Please do not leave forms until the last minute.

There is a large team of people collating the information both at our club and at the event, so time is important!

A quick reference guide for entering competitions:


General Information:


  • Keep a record of your times. You can find these at and by entering your membership no. or family name. It will give you the venue, the date and the level of the competition.
  • Some competitions have QT's/Qualifying Times. In this case you can only enter if you have achieved that time.
  • Some Open Meets do not have QT's and you may enter if you have no time but you will be put into the slowest heats. If you enter with a time you will be put into a heat with other swimmers with similar times so you may be with other children of a different age group. Remember you are really racing the clock, it's all about times!
  • You need to try and enter events regulary to keep an up to date bank of times.
  • If you need to get a time, ask your coach to do a time trial. Remember PB's stand for Personal Best - your best ever time in that event!



Competition Entry Forms:


  • Please read the information about the event carefully.
  • Make sure you fill in as much information and that you include your times.
  • If you have any questions, please ask as incorrectly filled out forms cause delays.
  • Competitions have closing dates which are not negotiable so therefore you have to get your entries to us before this. We will always give you a closing date for your entry.
  • please pay competition fees via our paypal payments page: